About Us
Namaste is a Universal Greeting of Respect when meeting others and for me it acknowledges the Divine Spirit that resides within us all. The open Lotus Flower Logo reflects my Universe and Inspirational Connections to my Tribal Soul including the capacity to see the Inner Beauty within Myself and Others. The leaves of the Lotus Flower are Pathways that have led me from my Past to the Present Moment. The openness of the Lotus Flower symbolises my own willingness to continually seek opportunities to expand and grow. The border surrounding the Lotus Flower embraces the Love, Compassion and Wisdom that I am Blessed to Share with My Never Ending Circle of Friends .


Every day we can be inspired by any number of things as we seek balance and momentum in all areas of our life. Sometimes we must strive to build and capture that inspiration... from those around us, and those inspiring moments when the synergies of life harmonises with our virtual reality. We may find our passions shaped, our talents grown, and our circle of influence expanded thanks to just one key connection, or many smaller ones. Each connection builds a momentum and strengthens our resolve to live a life that makes a difference.

Inspirational Connections is a philosophy that builds on these connections where our circles of influence overlap and expand to bring a sense of Peace and Purpose to Our Life and those that Our Lives touch. It is also My Mirror of Motivation to Live My Life with Passion Purpose People Peace and Prosperity and to Share these Gifts with those that Travel the Path with Me.

Over the coming months, I will be introducing some of the Inspiring People and Businesses that share a common purpose in helping others to succeed in life especially those that extend a hand to assist vulnerable individuals and families within our local and global community.

Our next Springboard Women's Personal Development course will be commencing in July 2017.

As our website is currently being redeveloped please check back soon. However we would love to hear from you via our contact page or email to grachris@iprimus.com.au if you would like to leave a message.

I look forward to taking the KNext Steps with you to create a more inclusive and harmonius community.


Chris Knight
Director Inspirational Connections

We are open 24/7